AVDtrade presents the glow plugs BoRG Ecoterm in Ukraine

AVDtrade presents the glow plugs BoRG Ecoterm in Ukraine

The Italian company BöRG Ecoterm is one of the largest European manufacturers, which for 26 years produces high-quality glow plugs for diesel engines. The products of this company are exported to more than 70 countries around the world.

The BöRG Ecoterm range includes 240 candles, which are applicable in more than 6,700 models of cars and trucks produced in Europe and Japan.
BöRG Ecoterm incandescent lamps are supplied for initial assembly onto the conveyor to manufacturers such as DAF, MAN and Iveco, which confirms the high quality of the products.
Their high popularity among consumers is explained by the use of equally qualitative materials and the compliance of technical data with candles for primary assembly.
In its products, BöRG Ecoterm uses double filaments, the principle of which is to use two heating coils from a special alloy.
As a result:
Increases efficiency when starting a cold engine;
quick warm-up;
the noise of work decreases;
emissions of exhaust gases are reduced.
The production process, which runs on automated conveyors, enforces strict German quality standards (ISO / TS), and laboratory tests.
Each candle is checked by a test start, which guarantees 100% reliability of the product and long-term operation. The products of the company correspond to the certificates ISO: 9001/2008 and TS 16949: 2009, and Russian GOST, which open the possibility of sale on the territory of Ukraine, Russia and CIS countries.