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BEHR HELLA SERVICE - consistent quality

BEHR HELLA SERVICE - consistent quality

Behr Hella Service is the largest manufacturer of air conditioning and cooling systems.

Behr Gmbh & Co was founded in 1905. One of the first in the world to produce radiators for cars. In 1921, for the first time she took part in an automobile exhibition in Berlin, and in 1930 she began to supply radiators to the conveyor of the German branch of Ford. Every 3rd new car in Europe,
Equipped with air conditioning and Behr engine cooling system. The company is the largest OEM supplier.
In 2006 - 2007, a joint venture Behr Hella Service, a combination of two companies: Behr and Hella. Behr has been a specialist in air conditioning and engine cooling for many years. The joint venture was created to strengthen its position in the global automotive market.
Behr has its own science and technology center with a climate wind tunnel; is a leader in the development of new heat transfer equipment for vehicles, including climate control systems.
Behr Hella Service products are presented in the following products:
Radiators of the cooling system, heaters, intercoolers;
Heat exchangers for engine and gear oil;
Viscous couplings;
Cooling system fans, fan covers;