BGA - uncompromising quality

BGA - uncompromising quality

BGA is the aftermarket division of the British Gaskets Group; a leading original equipment Gasket and Engine Component manufacturer formed in 1929.

Today, BG Automotive (BGA) is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of original quality parts and components for automotive engines.
The product quality standard complies with ISO 9002 certificates.
Advantages of BGA products:
• the quality of the parts corresponds to the quality of the original spare parts (OE);
• production of the most complete repair kits for various purposes;
• availability of own production facilities. The company owns 10 plants located on the territory of the United Kingdom.
Product range:
• Crankshaft Pulleys
• Gaskets
• Head Bolts
• Oil Pumps
• Power Steering Pumps
• Silicone Sealing Compound
• Sump Pan Kits
• Sump Plugs
• Timing Belt Kits
• Timing Chain Kits
• Valves and Valve Guides
• Viscous Fans
• Water Flanges
• Water Pumps