ETS - quality above all!

ETS - quality above all!

ETS suspension and steering parts

       ETS manufactures suspension parts for any cars produced in Europe, the USA, Japan and Korea. The assortment of spare parts is provided by 7500 items of product names. Thanks to the work of the research center, the company's offer is constantly expanding. The history of the ETS company begins in 1986, to date, there are several factories in Istanbul and Gebze (Turkey).
       All products comply with the quality standards ISO 9001: 2008. Currently, ETS is a leading company in the secondary market, constantly improving its products. 80% of auto parts are exported to EU countries, to Great Britain, Germany, Italy and others,
and also sold in the US.
Huge capacity and quality of goods, allow you to make products for such brands as, MOOG, DELPHI, NIPPARTS.
The philosophy of the company is to provide quality products at a reasonable price. ETS auto parts are well known in the world market for their high quality and reliability,
at the same time are competitive products.
       For all ETS products, we give a guarantee of 3 months or 10tys. Km. mileage (whichever comes first)