Expansion of assortment Metalcaucho

Expansion of assortment Metalcaucho

Since Janury 2015 the assortment of AVDTrade has been replenished with the goods of the Spanish manufacturer of auto parts Metalcaucho.

Metalcaucho is a Spanish auto perts manufacturer. The company was founded in Barcelona in 1987.The main task was the production and distribution or rubber-metal auto parts or original quality or close to the original for European-made cars.

Over a short period of time, from a small factory in Barcelona, Metalcaucho has grown into one of the world's leading manufacturers of rubber products. Today, only the production area is 12.000 sq.m.
Auto parts Metalcaucho are represented in 52 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America. Balanced logistics along with a convenient geographical location allows you to process orders without delays and deliver parts on time.

The assortment program includes the widest range of products. The European, especially the French, programs, are widely represented. The following product groups are presented:

 - Engine and gearbox pillows
 - Silent blocks
 - Supports and shock absorber bearings
 - Bushings and traction stabilizer
 - Branch pipes
 - Flanges of cooling system
 - Brake hoses
 - Bolts of a whell and a drain of oil
 - Anthers CV joints
 - Anthers of steering
 - Pallets
 - Radiator covers
 - Thermostats
 - Timing rolleers
 - Pulleys of a generator
 - Crankshaft pulleys
 - Rubber bands and repair kits of the silencer
 - Hubs
 - Pads on the pedals
 - Shock absorber
 - Sector and clutch fork
 - Coupling of cardan
 - Expansion tanks
 - Door Seals