Goodrem - braking systems that are trusted

Goodrem - braking systems that are trusted
The market of brake systems has always been marked by considerable competition. Historically, the entrance barriers to it are very high. This is due to both the manufacturability of competitive products, and considerable investment in research and improvement of brake systems. Despite all this, there are manufacturers,
who are able to challenge the established canons, one of them is Goodrem.
Braking systems Goodrem managed to get their share of the market, despite the difficulties that were encountered in the process. The secret of Goodrem's success is not so simple, but obvious. Quality is exactly what allows a company to stand out in its price segment. Goodrem's braking performance is consistently higher than that of its closest competitors.
Thanks to the tests conducted and the measurement of the indicators, it was found that Goodrem is ahead of its competitors with its price category for such characteristics:
 - braking distances;
 - resistance to corrosion;
 - heating of brake discs;
 - efficiency of removing dust and dirt;
 - durability of brake pads;
 - stability of the operation of systems under the influence of overloads;
 - safety factor of bearing structural units.
All this was achieved thanks to the modernization of production processes, and the use of modern materials that meet the standards of ISO / TS16949. It is worth mentioning separately that Goodrem products fully comply with the quality standards of European, American, and Asian car manufacturers,
and in many ways exceeds the permissible standards.
The successes that have been achieved inspire us to further improve our products, which will bring Goodrem's brand to new markets. The consumer, in turn, will continue to receive high-quality goods at a justified price.