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HELLA PAGID - next generation brake systems

HELLA PAGID - next generation brake systems

Hella Pagid is a leading manufacturer of brake systems.

Hella Pagid is one of the largest OEM suppliers for conveyors of such manufacturers as BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Skoda and others. The joint venture Hella and Pagid was established in May 2013 and today is one of the leading players in the secondary market brake systems.

The Hella Pagid Break Systems product range includes:
 - brake discs;
 - drums;
 - disk and drum pads for cars;
covers almost 100% of the European automobile market.
Hella Pagid Brake Systems products are of high quality, guaranteed by continuous testing, far exceeding the daily maximum load. These tests guarantee the safety performance and reliability of HPBS products. That is why the company attaches particular importance to test testing.
They are held in our own research and development center, as well as on the roads in real-world conditions of use. As part of the tests, brake pads travel up to 300,000 kilometers and spend 1,000 hours on test benches before being put into serial production.
The main measure of quality is the high standards and technical specifications of car manufacturers and manufacturers of brake systems.